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  • Episode 17: Black Sheep

    Dan and P are joined by Afro Becky (from Black Law and Legal Lies) to discuss their relationships with their families and how they’ve distanced themselves from people. Both of us are pretty insulated from the outside world, only interacting when we have to. P talks about how he really lives by the “no new friends” motto. We also discuss being treated differently because of mental illnesses and most importantly how and why we feel like Black Sheep.

  • Episode 16: Symptoms Return.

    We've both been going through rough times for a little over a month now. P has been off of his psychiatric medication totally for almost 2 years, until about 10 days ago. Recently P's insomnia, depression and heightened anxiety have returned big-time, prompting him to make an appointment with his doctor and be placed back on medication. P talks about what he was going through and his reaction to his medication and some of the altercations he's been in since adjusting to them.

  • Episode 15: Second Chances.

    Dan and P discuss second chances. Should past trauma and environmental conditions be taken into consideration when evaluating someone's actions? Many of our community's heros have checkered pasts. People like Tupac, Mike Tyson, Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Jay-Z etc... have all done things at one point that were criminal in nature. If you look into their upbringings you'll see a lot of similarities.

  • Episode 14: Nuts For Hire.

    Dan and P discuss quarter-life and mid-life crises. Much like our peers, we had no guidance growing up and we weren’t aware of the many opportunities that were available to us. Dan shares what his earliest aspirations were and why his anxiety and the underlying fear of failure has prevented him from accomplishing them. P shares how he ended up becoming firefighter/EMT. We also detail a lot of the various jobs we’ve had over the years good, bad, and funny.

  • Episode 13: Don’t Take It Personal

    In episode 13 of “A Few Screws Loose,” Dan and P talk about how they take EVERYTHING personal. Both of us often perceive things that may be benign as being disrespectful or a slight towards us. We share some of the things that make us furious, even though these things may seem minor or even non-issues to others. Some of these things make us appear to be completely irrational.

  • Episode 12: Psych Vs. Psych

    Dan and P From Charlotte talk about their first visits to psychiatrists, which medications we were prescribed, and how we reacted to these medications. P also explains some of the differences between psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors/social workers.

  • Episode 11: Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) affects more than 10 million people in the United States alone and can be linked to other psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders, OCD, anorexia and bulimia to name a few.

  • Episode 10: Unnatural Habitat.

    Dan and P reflect on their childhoods and how growing up in the DC area during the peak of the crack epidemic may have contributed to our mental health issues.

  • Episode 9: Recklessness.

    In episode 9 of A Few Screws Loose Dan and Paul have a discussion about reckless behavior. We quickly go over some of the mental illnesses that are associated with reckless behavior, before landing on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

  • Episode 8: Hypervigilance.

    In episode 8 of A Few Screws Loose Dan and Paul share their personal experiences with hypervigilance which could be viewed as over the top.