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  • Episode 27: No New Friends.

    Dan and P talk about how they've always disliked new people, making it hard for them to make friends. We also discuss men who don't work but feel the need to sit on their girlfriend's job all day as a form of control. Also WWYD if you were with your family in public and saw a man beating a woman?

  • Episode 26: Self-Reflection (w/@iTellLegalLies)

    This week Dan talks about how he's been reflecting on some of his flaws and negative personality traits lately. In a sense he feels like he has survivor's guilt when it comes to the people he grew up with. Dan brings in his co-host Ann (@iTellLegalLies) from the Black Law and Legal Lies podcast to give her honest assessment on his character and personality. Ann has known Dan for 10+ years and will not sugarcoat what she thinks about him.

  • Episode 25: Sleep?

    Dan and P talk about how overactive minds prevent them from falling asleep, or staying asleep. We also discuss driver fatigue and how it's as bad as driving while intoxicated. P shares how he unknowingly dated someone with Multiple Personality Disorder... until he knew. We also share our experiences with weed and how it's said to help combat anxiety but induces panic attacks (in us).

  • Episode 24: Hurt People Hurt People.

    Dan and P talk about how they've intentionally hurt people (and themselves) both physically and emotionally in the past. 18-20 years later there's not much remorse because we can still see the justification in our actions, even though each situation could've been handled better.

  • Episode 23: Fight Or Fight.

    P steps out on his own on his first solo episode and opens up about his upbringing and some of the traumas that led to his PTSD diagnosis. He talks about life after PTSD and why he feels like his life is essentially over. P talks about how he struggles with day to day tasks, and relies on his wife financially since his disability compensation isn't enough to cover their living expenses.

  • Episode 22: “I Need To Do Better.”

    To keep with our new weekly format, while P's working on his upcoming solo episode Dan briefly talks about his transparency and answers some questions about his mental health. He also poses a question of his own. On a first date, if your date tells you they take psychiatric medicine for Bipolar Disorder, how would you react?

  • Episode 21: Emotional Abuse.

    Dan and P discuss emotional abuse in the workplace, at home, and in relationships. Some of this abuse is subtle by design in order to leave plenty of room for gaslighting and other forms of manipulation, especially at work. We also talk about how college aged adult women are targets because of their lack of life experience.

  • Episode 20: My Pain. My Trauma. My Life.

    While cleaning off an old iPad Dan came across an old journaling app he used to write in. He shares his very last journal entry which was in 2016 and goes on to talk about some of the traumatic memories that came to mind after reading his journal.

  • Episode 19: NBGAF

    This week Dan and P share their experiences and opinions on how people generally don't give a f***. No matter how much you complain, no one really cares and the only people who listen are the people that almost have to listen. We doubt they care either. P also details more of his experiences in getting fired from the Fire Department for job related PTSD

  • Episode 18: Distressed Genes.

    Since P is a father of many, many, m-ma-mm-ma-many children, Dan wanted to know if he fears passing some of the traits of his mental illness on to his children. Since children often learn by watching, it's not hard to believe that they can learn and adopt "abnormal" behavior and think it's normal.