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  • Episode 43: “Thoughts and Prayers.”

    Dan talks about how hearing things like "it's going to be ok," "God's got it," "pray on it," and "I'm praying for you" all irritate him. Especially since in his experience none of these are associated with or yielded anything positive.

  • Episode 42: Insecure.

    Dan discusses some of his insecurities, things like his body image, fear of failure, and rejection. Most people (especially men) don't like sharing their insecurities because they can easily become "weak" spots that can be used to cause hurt.

  • Episode 41: Patience.

    Dan shares how he used to be one of the most impatient people that he knew. Every single thing that happened was an emergency and needed an immediate response. Dan didn't learn to have patience until he had way too much on his plate. Being unable to prioritize he still treated everything as an emergency. This led to him burning himself out and becoming depressed/stressed.

  • Episode 40: Positive Energy.

    In episode 40, Dan discusses the lack of positivity in his life. He was exposed to negative people, a negative environment, and negative situations throughout his entire childhood and his teenage years. Dan's anxiety disorder and worst-case thinking make him feel like he's carried that negative energy with him well into adulthood where he unintentionally passes it on to the people closest to him.

  • Episode 39: Becoming a Man Without a Father.

    Dan discusses how he thinks not having a father affected him. Single-parent households are not unique or uncommon at all, especially in communities of color. Since Dan never had a father figure to use as a point of reference, he doesn't know how truly affected he is by not having one. He can only speculate and share some of his childhood memories. Dan shares how he sought approval and recognition from some of the older guys in his neighborhood, many of who were criminals and deadbeat fathers themselves. The irony!

  • Episode 38: I Like What I Like.

    To tell someone that what they like is "stupid" is disrespectful and abusive. People like what they like, period. Dan talks about liking things that weren't necessarily popular or considered acceptable in his neighborhood growing up. Things like listening to Rock n Roll, playing Chess, and playing the violin and piano. He also knows what it's like for people he's close to not to be interested in things he likes and vice versa. It's ok. Everyone isn't going to like the exact same things as each other.

  • Episode 37: I Refuse to Compromise.

    With the holidays approaching Dan talks about why he will be spending Thanksgiving alone and gives some tips on dealing with people who don't want to attend functions during the holidays. He also talks about why he's specifically instructed Becky to not give him a funeral when he dies (or bury him). Dan also talks about how his refusal to compromise and how he's usually very clear about what he wants and attempts to leave no room for interpretation.

  • Episode 36: Facing Mortality.

    This week Dan and P talk about facing their mortality. We've lost count of the friends and family who have died over the last decade or so. Like most teenagers we felt almost invincible and didn't really start accepting our own mortality until our late 20s - early 30s.

  • Episode 35: Shower Thoughts.

    Dan shares some of his shower thoughts about dating with an anxiety disorder. The last "date" he can remember being on was in the early 2000s before social media played such a major role in our lives. Dan speculates that if he were dating in 2019 he'd probably not be able to keep a woman's interest because he's essentially a recluse who doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything.

  • Episode 34: Arrogant But Humble?

    Dan talks about how he doesn't accept unsolicited advice because in his experience, people who offer unsolicited advice aren't capable of executing the advice that they give. He also talks about how he's arrogant but humble and whether or not having control is an illusion.