• Episode 7: Sexual Abuse

    Does being mentally ill absolve you of your actions? This week Dan and Paul talk about sexual abuse, who it affects, and how it affects victims.

  • Episode 6: Substance Abuse

    Recorded on New Year's Eve, Dan and Paul discuss substance abuse... eventually. Dan shares how he was an alcoholic from the age of 13 until about 18 sharing some drunk stories that we can now look back at with our brand of twisted humor.

  • Episode 5: LGBTQ+ Mental Health (w/ Jayden Hollywood).

    This week we wanted to talk to Jayden Hollywood (@TheGreatJayden) of the Unapologetik Podcast (@UnapologetikPod) about mental health in the LGBT community.

  • Episode 4: Wrestling With Mania

    We discuss Tyson Fury's inspirational comeback from a 3 year bout with extreme mental illness. We also share our experiences with manic episodes, depression, suicidal thoughts, and sleep paralysis.

  • Episode 3: We’re Misanthropists, Not Anti-Social.

    In episode 3 we unpack a lot! Paul explains how people routinely misuse the term anti-social, which is actually a form of sociopathy closely related to psychopathy

  • EP02: SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

    This week we take a look at Seasonal Affective Disorder. During the winter months there's a large number of people who get depressed, or more depressed than usual.

  • EP01: Can I At Least Get a Blow Job?

    Welcome to the first episode of A Few Screws Loose! This week Dan and Paul interpret some memorable Mike Tyson quotes that sound crazy on the surface but really aren't as crazy as they sound.

  • 00 – Introducing Dan.

    Introducing Dan (aka Dan on Drugs).

  • I Am Anxiety.

    I Am Anxiety is a bonus episode on the Black Law and Legal Lies podcast (our sibling podcast) which was the first episode we did focusing on our mental illnesses.