• Episode 31: An Honest Liar.

    In response to his transparency, Dan recently said "I have to be honest with myself because if I'm not I can't trust myself." On a ride home from work he realized that he in fact is a liar. This episode Dan explains how he lies to people, as well as himself. This episode is Dan thinking out loud and hasn't fully been thought all the way through so he'd definitely like some input.

  • Episode 30: Fuck Your Feelings.

    This week Dan talks about how he doesn't currently have the capacity to consider or care about the mental health or feelings of the people in his life. This is mainly because he has a hard enough time dealing with his own deteriorating mental health. He explains how he masks much of his pain with humor, no matter how bad he's truly feeling.

  • Episode 29: Room Full Of Vultures.

    Dan discusses how he feels about (and in) social social situations. From considering everyone as threats, to assessing their threat level, heightened senses and disappearing without notice. Dan talks about some social situations that he was pretty much forced to be in and how he reacted to them. In some instances he would pick up his cell phone and act like he's getting a phone call in order to excuse himself only to go sit in the car.

  • Episode 28: Anxiously Black.

    This week Dan and P talk about how being Black in America causes anxiety in almost all of us. We share some of our experiences that not only validate, but explain why we Black people are inherently anxious. We also talk about how there are unwritten rules that we have to follow just moving through society. There are also subsets of those rules that affect Black men and Black women differently. In addition to those rules there are even more rules that we have to follow to maneuver among our own people.

  • Episode 27: No New Friends.

    Dan and P talk about how they've always disliked new people, making it hard for them to make friends. We also discuss men who don't work but feel the need to sit on their girlfriend's job all day as a form of control. Also WWYD if you were with your family in public and saw a man beating a woman?

  • Episode 26: Self-Reflection (w/@iTellLegalLies)

    This week Dan talks about how he's been reflecting on some of his flaws and negative personality traits lately. In a sense he feels like he has survivor's guilt when it comes to the people he grew up with. Dan brings in his co-host Ann (@iTellLegalLies) from the Black Law and Legal Lies podcast to give her honest assessment on his character and personality. Ann has known Dan for 10+ years and will not sugarcoat what she thinks about him.

  • Episode 25: Sleep?

    Dan and P talk about how overactive minds prevent them from falling asleep, or staying asleep. We also discuss driver fatigue and how it's as bad as driving while intoxicated. P shares how he unknowingly dated someone with Multiple Personality Disorder... until he knew. We also share our experiences with weed and how it's said to help combat anxiety but induces panic attacks (in us).

  • Episode 24: Hurt People Hurt People.

    Dan and P talk about how they've intentionally hurt people (and themselves) both physically and emotionally in the past. 18-20 years later there's not much remorse because we can still see the justification in our actions, even though each situation could've been handled better.

  • Episode 23: Fight Or Fight.

    P steps out on his own on his first solo episode and opens up about his upbringing and some of the traumas that led to his PTSD diagnosis. He talks about life after PTSD and why he feels like his life is essentially over. P talks about how he struggles with day to day tasks, and relies on his wife financially since his disability compensation isn't enough to cover their living expenses.

  • Episode 22: “I Need To Do Better.”

    To keep with our new weekly format, while P's working on his upcoming solo episode Dan briefly talks about his transparency and answers some questions about his mental health. He also poses a question of his own. On a first date, if your date tells you they take psychiatric medicine for Bipolar Disorder, how would you react?