• Episode 53: Becoming Men.

    Dan is rejoined by P to talk about some of their "OGs." We talk about some of the people who were instrumental in helping us become the men we are today. Dan talks about how one of his OGs that used to be heavily involved in the streets pulled him out of the streets, leading by example.

  • Episode 52: Coping.

    Dan talks about how he copes with being anxious. Before being prescribed medication a couple of years ago, Dan was forced to find ways to cope with anxiety and panic attacks. Boxing was one of the first things he found that helped, followed by high intensity workouts. He also talks about not talking through his issues or talking to anyone about his issues.

  • Episode 51: F**k It! I’ll Do It Myself.

    Dan talks about not being able to ask or accept help even if he needs it. A lot of people would attribute that to the male ego, but Dan thinks that it's a mixture of his distrust toward people, learned behavior, and not wanting to feel indebted.

  • Episode 50: Depressed in Isolation.

    Dan talks about battling depression during his self-quarantine and how he's lost the passion for podcasting, even questioning if he wants to continue being a podcaster. Dan gets depressed every single spring as discussed in previous episodes, but the additional stress and isolation from coronavirus pandemic have only amplified it. Dan also realized after 2 weeks of isolation that he needs small doses of human interaction. Things as minor as interacting with a cashier, or just being in the presence of people at the gym.

  • Episode 49: Pandemic Panic.

    Dan personally knows 6 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID19) and he has been unnecessarily in direct contact with 3 of them for about a week. He also talks about why the virus is spreading so rapidly in New Orleans and how his employer is only adding to the problem by encouraging the spread of the virus. Dan compares the feeling in New Orleans to the feeling right before Hurricane Katrina. Much like Katrina, not many people are taking a life-threatening situation seriously. Our lives are at risk!

  • Episode 48: Leave Me TF Alone! (But Don’t)

    Dan talks about the cycle of pushing people away or keeping them at a distance and then feeling lonely as a result. He also shares his anger-inducing jury duty story but then explains how he's normally the calmest in the middle of all-out chaos. Dan talks about how his anxiety manifests in anger, hostility, and subtle aggression. In his younger days, the aggression towards others wasn't so subtle. Lastly, he talks about how we all have that "f**k it" mode that we can be pushed into where consequences don't matter.

  • Episode 47: Reclaiming My Time

    Dan talks about finally hitting the wall and being on the verge of burning out as far as work goes, being off of anti-anxiety meds for over a week, and rearranging his time by reprioritizing what's important to him. In a recent episode of @AwakenedSoulPod "Soulful Mindset," Haize talked about making time for your passions and things that are important to you. Dan shares how he's been making changes to his busy schedule to accommodate and reflect the things that are important to him currently.

  • Episode 46: P & SAD

    P returns to explain his 18-week absence. He's been struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder and a myriad of losses. Although P is still in a bad mental space, he felt he owed our listenership an explanation.

  • Episode 45: I’m Broke as a Joke!

    Dan wanted to dispel the rumor started by his brothers Haize and AJ that he was rich lol. Although a joke, it led to this episode's topic being finances, financial responsibility, and financial insecurity. As discussed in prior episodes, Dan is an 8th-grade dropout with a GED who grew up in extreme poverty. He talks about not knowing the value of a dollar until his early 20s. Since then he's lived with what he calls a "poor mentality" in order to prevent spending money unnecessarily and saving every dollar like it's his last.

  • Episode 44: The Social Network.

    Dan talks about how he has been trying to be more social with more people "offline" this year. In an attempt to meet new and positive people he shares how his experiences have been less than ideal and only confirmed what he already knew... he hates people. The most frustrating thing has been trying to explain his anxiety disorder and having people disregard it offering "simple solutions" to complex medical problems.