Episode 21: Emotional Abuse.

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Dan and P discuss emotional abuse in the workplace, at home, and in relationships. Some of this abuse is subtle by design in order to leave plenty of room for gaslighting and other forms of manipulation, especially at work. We also talk about how college aged adult women are targets because of their lack of life experience. Dan talks about how rather than teaching younger boys “the game,” us men should be teaching it to younger girls in order to protect them. Knowledge is power.


(2:48) Episode 20 recap.
(4:04) Emotional Abuse.
(5:32) Abuse on the Job.
(18:00) Black Women Have it Rough.
(29:09) I Need This Job!
(39:06) Toxic Relationships.
(47:49) Predatory Behavior.
(55:56) Each One Teach One.
(1:03:00) In Closing.


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