Episode 20: My Pain. My Trauma. My Life.

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While cleaning off an old iPad Dan came across an old journaling app he used to write in. He shares his very last journal entry which was in 2016 and goes on to talk about some of the traumatic memories that came to mind after reading his journal.


This is Dan’s first ever solo episode on any podcast. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


(1:51) Episode 19 Recap.
(4:35) My Personal Approach.
(6:19) Dan’s Journal Entry 3/21/16
(12:32) Bad Childhood Memories.
(16:49) Being Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally Abused.
(23:24) Male Role Models.
(26:23) Dumpster Diving for Food.
(29:55) Substance Abuse Problems.
(31:26) House Fire and Exile.
(36:25) Homelessness and Cross Country Move.
(41:36) Hurricane Katrina.
(43:20) The Hospital Killing My Son.
(44:57) In Closing.


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