Episode 19: NBGAF

This week Dan and P share their experiences and opinions on how people generally don’t give a f***. No matter how much you complain, no one really cares and the only people who listen are the people that almost have to listen. We doubt they care either. P also details more of his experiences in getting fired from the Fire Department for job related PTSD. He was sent a cease and desist when he went public about his termination and how the union didn’t represent him. This episode may rub some people the wrong way when we talk about today’s entrepreneurs and how a lot of people lack or overestimate their skills.

We’re attempting to produce a podcast per week during the month of July to see how sustainable a weekly podcast would be for us.

(1:44) Episode 18 Recap.
(2:29) Nobody Gives a F***.
(11:18) Work Life Balance.
(23:26) Complaining.
(39:58) Driving and Anxiety.
(47:11) Entrepreneurs.
(60:48) Asking for Help.

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