Episode 18: Distressed Genes.

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Since P is a father of many, many, m-ma-mm-ma-many children, Dan wanted to know if he fears passing some of the traits of his mental illness on to his children. Since children often learn by watching, it’s not hard to believe that they can learn and adopt “abnormal” behavior and think it’s normal. For instance, if a parent has OCD and washes their hands 150x per day, their child may think that’s normal. Dan shares that he would prefer a Black therapist because of how they’re able to relate culturally. P doesn’t necessarily agree.


(2:14) Episode 17 Recap.
(2:55) Genetics vs. Learned Behavior.
(9:30) Mistakes are unacceptable.
(18:42) Being Alone.
(24:10) Black Therapists.
(35:12) Podcast Recommendation: The Awakened Soul
(35:44) Raising children while mentally ill.
(45:55) Adults trying to fit in with kids.
(53:59) Passing on weird habits.
(60:00) In Closing.


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