Episode 17: Black Sheep

Dan and P are joined by Afro Becky (from @BlackLawPodcast) to discuss their relationships with their families and how they’ve distanced themselves from people. Both of us are pretty insulated from the outside world, only interacting when we have to. P talks about how he really lives by the “no new friends” motto. We also discuss being treated differently because of mental illnesses and most importantly how and why we feel like Black Sheep.


(1:16) Episode 16 Recap.
(1:48) Introducing Afro Becky.
(3:18) All Relatives Are Distant.
(10:49) P’s Relationship With His Family.
(14:03) Families Growing Apart.
(22:46) WTH? Sidebar: 3:09PM May 17, 1996.
(24:22) Remember That Time?
(29:22) Podcast Recommendation: ThaTeam Podcast
(29:48) Do People Treat You Differently?
(35:05) Dan’s Family History.
(39:38) You’re Making Us Look Bad!
(48:50) Doctors Treating Black Patients Differently.
(1:01:04) Black Sheep.
(1:14:13) In Summary.


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