Episode 16: Symptoms Return.

Disclaimer: This episode gets extremely random, maybe even offensive at times but we had a great time recording it. It’s our loosest episode to date.


We’ve both been going through rough times for a little over a month now. P has been off of his psychiatric medication totally for almost 2 years, until about 10 days ago. Recently P’s insomnia, depression and heightened anxiety have returned big-time, prompting him to make an appointment with his doctor and be placed back on medication. P talks about what he was going through and his reaction to his medication and some of the altercations he’s been in since adjusting to them.


Dan has been depressed for the better part of 2 months combined with a feeling of hopelessness and a growing anger/frustration. He comes to the realization that he doesn’t live in the present. He spends the present thinking about the past and the future while neglecting what’s actually currently happening.


This episode was a much needed relief for the both of us because how random it is and our ability to make light of what were pretty serious medical issues, including getting cameras shoved into their urethras and colonoscopies. We had a good time being able to inappropriately joke about these things.


(6:59) What’s Been Up With P?
(16:43) When They See Us.
(33:15) P On Drugs.
(40:28) Control Issues.
(44:03) Neglecting The Present.
(46:43) Speeding Up Time.
(52:06) Respecting Authority.
(1:01:38) Our Physical Health
(1:06:43) How Did We Get Here? (This is where the show goes WAY left field)
(1:21:56) P’s Final Thoughts on Valium.
(1:25:22) In Closing.


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