Episode 15: Second Chances.

Dan and P discuss second chances. Should past trauma and environmental conditions be taken into consideration when evaluating someone’s actions? Many of our community’s heros have checkered pasts. People like Tupac, Mike Tyson, Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Jay-Z etc… have all done things at one point that were criminal in nature. If you look into their upbringings you’ll see a lot of similarities. Poverty, trauma, and broken families to name a few. Should their actions be judged the same as someone who didn’t share the same experiences? If not for second chances, would they have reached their massive levels of success which allowed them to provide opportunities other people from similar backgrounds?

(1:29) Episode 14 Recap.
(2:40) Consequences and Repercussions.
(16:47) PTSD.
(25:07) Don’t Visit New Orleans.
(30:50) Sexual Crime Victims Becoming Sexual Predators.
(36:01) Marvel vs. DC
(38:17) Is Vigilante Justice Ever OK?
(41:28) Circumstances.
(42:53) Second Chances.
(46:43) Sex Offender Registry.
(54:48) Raising “Baby Boys.”
(65:49) In Closing.
(69:31) Remember That Time?

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