Episode 14: Nuts For Hire.

In episode 14 of “A Few Screws Loose,” Dan and P discuss quarter-life and mid-life crises.
Much like our peers, we had no guidance growing up and we weren’t aware of the many opportunities that were available to us. Dan shares what his earliest aspirations were and why his anxiety and the underlying fear of failure has prevented him from accomplishing them. P shares how he ended up becoming firefighter/EMT. We also detail a lot of the various jobs we’ve had over the years good, bad, and funny. Then on a more serious note, we both share how we’ve had negative physical reactions to our most current jobs and how we feel that we’re useless outside of our trades.

(2:51) Episode 13 Recap.
(4:48) Lost Dreams and Aspirations.
(15:23) Our Employment Experiences.
(39:28) Quarter-Life Crisis and Social Media.
(47:45) “I don’t have the energy to grind.”
(56:39) Homebodies.
(65:20) In Closing.

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