Episode 13: Don’t Take It Personal

In episode 13 of “A Few Screws Loose,” Dan and P talk about how they take EVERYTHING personal. Both of us often perceive things that may be benign as being disrespectful or a slight towards us.

We share some of the things that make us furious, even though these things may seem minor or even non-issues to others. Some of these things make us appear to be completely irrational.

During the recording of this episode we also learned that we have some of the same issues when it comes to physical touch, affection and personal space. We don’t like to be touched, period (even by loved ones).

(0:00) Shout to The BREAKS Media Network!
(4:06) Recap of Episode 12: Psych vs. Psych.
(6:38) Being Disrespected.
(20:08) Do Not Touch!
(25:01) Whatever Happened to Decorum?
(29:31) Peaceful Living Space.
(35:12) Perceived Disrespect.
(38:37) We All Have Our “Things” (Pet Peeves)
(48:08) Misreading The Room.
(57:56) Don’t Take It Personal… Or Do!
(66:53) In Closing.

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