Episode 12: Psych Vs. Psych

In this episode of “A Few Screws Loose” Dan and P From Charlotte talk about their first visits to psychiatrists, which medications we were prescribed, and how we reacted to these medications. P also explains some of the differences between psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors/social workers.

Dan shares how he was prescribed Seroquel for insomnia and why that was an irresponsible choice of medication by his doctor. He also details his worst panic attack to date.

P talks about how he was prescribed numerous medications at their max dosages to be taken simultaneously. This cocktail of medication caused P to get alarmingly worse, even causing him to self-harm with no prior history of self-harm. Some of these medications should never be prescribed together.

(1:31) Episode 11 Recap.
(2:48) Getting Diagnosed.
(12:16) Psychologist Vs. Psychiatrist
(17:11) “I Need Help Now!”
(24:19) Our First Visits.
(40:25) Selective Listening.
(49:29) Side-Effects of Meds.
(58:12) Dan’s Worst Panic Attack.
(1:15:25) Closing Thoughts.
(1:21:56) Remember That Time?

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