Episode 10: Unnatural Habitat.

Dan and P reflect on their childhoods and how growing up in the DC area during the peak of the crack epidemic may have contributed to our mental health issues.

Both Dan and P were born into poverty and raised in high crime neighborhoods. P grew up in a project house that consisted of 10+ people and he thought everyone had random apartment inspections up until he was a teenager. He shares what it was like growing up as a bi-racial kid in a blended family.

After Dan’s mother left his abusive father her and Dan ended up living in a homeless shelter for women and children. After getting on a government assistance program Dan’s mother and another family from the homeless shelter moved into a roach and rat infested apartment in one of the worst areas of the city. Dan shares his history with dropping out of school, becoming an alcoholic as a teenager, and eventually being sent to the juvenile detention center.

(2:07) Introduction.
(3:23) Dan’s Early Memories.
(8:11) P’s Early Memories.
(14:40) Family Matters, Sometimes.
(20:29) Home Inspections.
(28:40) The Era.
(32:19) A Dollar and a Dream.
(39:59) Drinking and Drugs.
(51:05) Unnatural Habitat.
(52:44) P’s Children.
(59:09) The Effects of our Environments.
(63:25) Words of Advice.

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