Episode 9: Recklessness.

In episode 9 of A Few Screws Loose Dan and Paul have a discussion about reckless behavior. We quickly go over some of the mental illnesses that are associated with reckless behavior, before landing on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

BPD consists of numerous symptoms that can easily be misdiagnosed as other mental illnesses. We go over some of the symptoms and how closely we can relate to these symptoms. It’s kind of scary how many of these symptoms a “normal” person would be able to identify with, which is why self-diagnosis and online tests are not recommended.

We also take a trip down memory lane about strange and reckless things we’ve done in the past and how moving away from our hometown essentially saved both of our lives.

(2:17) Causes of reckless behavior.
(4:01) Borderline Personality Disorder
(18:25) Sleep Paralysis and F*** That Lady!
(29:01) Our experiences throwing caution to the wind.
(1:01:35) In Closing.
(1:14:10) Conclusion.

Clip: Paul’s Great Adventure!

Clip: A Change of Pace.

Clip: Don’t Be Afraid:

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