Episode 8: Hypervigilance.

In episode 8 of A Few Screws Loose Dan and Paul share their personal experiences with hypervigilance which could be viewed as over the top. We explain what hypervigilance is and how it affects us daily. What do hypervigilant people with severe anxiety do when things go bump in the night? Dan’s answer is, grab a gun! We also share some of the traumatic experiences we’ve been through and answer a few “what would you do” questions.

(6:31) Dan and P’s Traumatic Experiences.
(13:14) The Symptoms.
(21:13) P’s Triggers.
(24:49) More Traumatic Experiences.
(44:26) Hypervigilance in Action.
(51:21) Nighttime Precautions.
(1:07:18) Afro Becky joins us.
(1:12:48) WWYD: When you see someone suspicious?
(1:19:00) WWYD: When you’re going to be attending an event?
(1:27:24) PSA to people getting bullied.
(1:30:18) WWYD: If someone’s being belligerent?
(1:35:37) Remember That Time? Paul throws a tennis ball into his neighbors house and dares him to fight.
(1:44:49) Recap/Conclusion.

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