Episode 6: Substance Abuse

Recorded on New Year’s Eve, Dan and Paul discuss substance abuse… eventually. Dan shares how he was an alcoholic from the age of 13 until about 18 sharing some drunk stories that we can now look back at with our brand of twisted humor. We also discuss addiction, how addicts are treated by medical professionals, and if mandatory rehab is effective. Though this is a serious topic, it’s one of our more loose shows… no pun intended.

(4:11) Northern vs. Southern (revisited)

(9:48) Ill Will.

(12:55) Some of Our Pet Peeves.

(26:00) Substance Abuse.

(27:45) Dan’s Alcoholism.

(36:40) Sidebar: “Cock” is a hilarious word.

(37:23) Dan’s Drunk Stories.

(51:34) Finding Your Poison.

(64:05) Podcast Recommendation: The Awakened Soul

(1:04:50) Is Rehab Really Effective?

(1:17:13) Medical Treatment of Addicts.

(1:21:36) Withdrawal.

(1:40:27) Advice for People Affected by Substance Abuse.

(1:42:55) In Closing.

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