Episode 5: LGBTQ+ Mental Health (w/ Jayden Hollywood).

Happy 2019 Everyone!!!
This week we wanted to talk to Jayden Hollywood (@TheGreatJayden) of the Unapologetik Podcast (@UnapologetikPod) about mental health in the LGBT community. Unfortunately Paul had technical difficulties with his internet that prevented him from being a part of the conversation. Paul and Dan share how they grew up in toxic communities and how minorities are generally more homophobic than other communities. Dan and Jayden chop it up about trauma, suicide, drug use, and the stigmas that still surround the LGBTQ community in 2019. Jayden shares his very personal struggles with coming out to his family and how he’s managed to live a balanced, conflict-free life as an adult. He’s definitely an inspiration to us all. Feel free to reach out to any of us to continue this conversation.

(2:30) Growing up in a toxic environment.
(26:35) Podcast Recommendation: The Awakened Soul.
(27:19) Mr. Jayden Hollywood.
(67:24) Coming Out.
(89:30) Story Time!

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