Episode 4: Wrestling With Mania

This week Dan and Paul start off talking about mania (shortly after clowning RG3’s hair). We discuss Tyson Fury’s inspirational comeback from a 3 year bout with extreme mental illness. We also share our experiences with manic episodes, depression, suicidal thoughts, and sleep paralysis. Per usual we share a funny real life story about a mutual friend crying in Dan’s car after a breakup and Dan being EXTREMELY insensitive.

(3:21) Summary of Episode 3.

(4:47) Tyson Fury’s Inspirational Comeback from extreme Mental Illness.

(15:02) Mania.

(38:49) Sleep Paralysis.

(47:22) Depression.

(67:04) Health Insurance.

(71:44) The Come Down from Mania.

(74:58) Another Story: Fat Boys.

(85:39) In Summary.