Episode 3: We’re Misanthropists, Not Anti-Social.

In episode 3 we unpack a lot! Paul explains how people routinely misuse the term anti-social, which is actually a form of sociopathy closely related to psychopathy. We don’t necessarily identify as full-blown recluses, but both do share symptoms of mild agoraphobia and identify as misanthropists. We look at how social media has the potential create narcissists, sociopaths, and proper anti-social people. We discuss some of the places we feel comfortable going as well as places we don’t feel comfortable or flat out refuse to go. We share our limited daily social interactions and try to explain why we don’t go anywhere or interact with people. Afro Becky stops by to explain what Dan looks like in social situations from an observers point of view. Also be sure to hang around for the bonus material at the end!

(1:14) Recap of Episode 02: SAD

(2:08) Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

(17:55) Misanthropy.

(28:48) Recluse.

(32:31) Safe Places.

(57:15) Social Interactions.

(62:12) Some of the Whys.

(69:00) Afro Becky Pops In!

(80:14) Avoiding Necessary Things.

(83:22) The Wrap Up.

(87:23) Bonus Material: J. Holiday, Will Catlett, Spiderb!+ch, Paul and a Knife.

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